skin brightening

Transform dull, tired skin, into glowing, brightened skin!

skin brightening

Brightening is about increasing radiance and restoring vibrancy to skin. Skin brightening products remove dull cells and reveal radiant, glowing skin. Skin brightening products are an integral part of a skin care regimen to combat aging and for a smooth even skin tone.

what causes dull skin?

There are quite a few factors that could contribute to dull skin.

Lack of Exfoliation

Dull skin is often caused by dryness and one of the most popular reasons for dry skin aside from the environment, is not exfoliating enough or not exfoliating properly. Dry skin left on your face  needs to be removed in order to allow new, glowing cells to come forward.
Exfoliating also allows your skin to absorb any moisturizing skincare you put on top of it much better than when there is dry skin in the way, stopping you from receiving all the benefits. There are many different kinds of exfoliates, including physical and chemical ones. They all perform and respond differently on different skin types, which is why we would recommend having a consultation about your skin.

Your Environment

The air and atmosphere can attach itself to your skin. Polluted air contains thousands of small particles such as dirt, which contribute to your skin having a dull and an uneven texture. These particles also diffuse light, making your skin appear more dismal and can cause wrinkles.
To limit the impact of this, it is important to wash your skin every night. The dirt your skin collects throughout the day will damage your skin at night if it’s not removed.

Having your skin looking dull can give you stress, which will only lead to you getting more skin issues. An important presentation, your kids birthday party or even simply not getting enough sleep all have a direct effect on your stress levels, which tends to have a direct effect on your skin.
Stress gets expressed in many forms in our body and getting problem skin is one of them. This is due to the fact that when you’re stressed, your fight-or-flight response kicks in and blood flows to your vital organs, where the skin isn’t one of them. This leads to the appearance of a more dull and tired complexion.
Of course you should try to reduce your stress levels and get more sleep but for the instances when you just want to make your skin seem a little more awake, try giving yourself a quick facial massage. It will stimulate blood flow, giving you a more glowing, plump and awake complexion.

Nutrition & Diet
Similar to stress, not drinking enough water decreases your blood flow to the face, making you look more tired and worn-out. In some cases, dehydration shouldn’t be viewed as a short-term problem that one glass of water can solve. Having dehydrated skin leads to long-term effects such as fine lines and wrinkles. The wrinkles usually appear a lot deeper in skin that is constantly dehydrated which is why drinking your dedicated amount of water each day, every day, is crucial.

Additionally, eating a balanced diet can make a difference in skin health as well. Diets high in sugars and fat are some of the main causes of dull, oily, and acne-prone skin. Processed and salty food also lead to a loss of radiance in the skin as they retain fluids extremely well, not allowing them to transfer to other cells.

Using The Wrong Products

The products you use can impact the health of your skin too. There are a lot of options in regards to skincare so it can be confusing or overwhelming to choose what's right for you. However, it is important to select the skin care products that are right for your skin so you aren't using products that could create more inflammation or reactions in your skin.
If you’re unsure about your skin type or the best kind of products to use on your skin, don’t hesitate to chat to us today.

benefits of skin brightening

Skin brightening treatments rejuvenates deeper layers of the skin. It lightens freckles, pigmentation, dark spots and reduces melanin (skin pigment) production. It brightens skin tone, reduces dullness and other damage due to the sun, and promotes an even-toned complexion. It makes your skin feel softer, more supple and well-hydrated.

zo skin health products for skin brightening

-      Retinol Skin Brightener (0.25%,0.5%, 1%)

-      Brightalive

-      Skin Brightening Program andTexture Kit

-      Pigment Control Program and Hydroquinone