Experience the very best in AlumierMD® treatment when you choose 413 Medical Aesthetics.

alumiermd® at 413 medical aesthetics

For qualified, patient-centered AlumierMD® skincare treatment, look no further than 413 Medical Aesthetics. Professionalism and perfection combine for unparalleled skincare treatment. With a highly skilled and trained medical team administering treatments, patients walk in and out of our facility with the utmost confidence.

Experience the very best in AumierMD® treatment when you choose 413 Medical Aesthetics.

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What is AlumierMD®?

AlumierMD® skincare products were developed to treat issues related to acne, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea. Other AlumierMD® products include those that assist in anti-aging processes, promoting hydration for vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

How we perceive ourselves has a massive impact on our mental and physical well-being. AlumierMD® products were designed to protect the skin from a wide range of conditions from sun damage and scarring, to premature aging. All products were created by an expert team of doctors and skincare specialists to ensure that you approach every day with confidence and zeal.

The beauty care specialists at 413 Medical Aesthetics are intimately familiar with each of these products and can help guide you toward looking and feeling your best.

The best thing you can do to keep your cosmetic injections and laser treatments working at their full potential is to maintain the best quality and healthiest skin with medical grade skin care.

How Does AlumierMD® Work?

Alumier MD skincare professional products help address many skin conditions such as dryness, redness, irritation, excess oil production, fine lines and wrinkles. After undergoing a Toe or filler procedure, your skin needs to be kept healthy to maximize your results. 413 Medical Aesthetics chooses from the extensive Alumier MD product line to make sure your desired results are obtained and maintained.

ALUMIERMD products

Professionally sourced medical-grade skincare line using Clean Science to address multiple skincare needs:

-      Sunscreens

-      Eye rejuvenation

-      Cleansers

-      Moisturizers

-      Skin brightening

-      Exfoliation

-      Targeted Serums

-      Aging

-      Discolouration

-      Inflammation

-      Sensitivity

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