Injector Training/Mentoring

Interested in Becoming a Qualified Injector?

If you are a nurse, nurse practitioner, physician or physician assistant training in aesthetic medicine who is looking to enhance your skills and confidence, mentoring at a bridging clinic is a great way to develop proficiency. In partnership with THMA Consulting we provide hands-on training and education for medical aesthetic clinicians who are graduates of the THMA Consulting foundations courses .  We can also provide ongoing mentoring throughout your career as an injector.


Enhancing your natural beauty.

At 413 Medical Aesthetics we provide professional, personalized and customized injectable cosmetic solutions to enhance and improve your appearance.

We would love to meet you and discuss all aspects of your aesthetic needs. From budget, to goals, to wish list, we will take the time to work with you to maximize your comfort and results.


Meet the team of 413 Medical Aesthetics

413 Medical Aesthetics delivers safe, effective, and current therapies in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Michael Peirone, CCPA

Michael is a Canadian Certified Physician Assistant and a graduate of McMaster University Physician Assistant Education Program’s inaugural class.  He taught the Clinical Skills portion of that program for a few years while working in Emergency and Geriatric Medicine. Prior to that, he earned a Masters Degree in Molecular Genetics.   Michael’s interest in Cosmetic Medicine developed several years ago, and he has been training and working to enhance the natural features of women and men using the latest products and techniques in injectables.   

Having experience in commercial design, and a passion for fitness and competitive bodybuilding, Michael has a unique appreciation for both aesthetics and science, and is passionate about the way they compliment and intersect in the field of cosmetic medicine.  

Kelley Wright, MD

Dr. Kelley Wright is a physician certified by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario, who brings with her more than twenty years of diversified experience in Family medicine, care of the elderly and Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Wright graduated from the School of Medicine at McMaster University and then went on to specialize in care of the elderly. 

Although not initially drawn to Medical Aesthetics, Kelley Wright came to empathize with the physical and emotional effects that the passage of time has on all of us. Most of her patients were women in their thirties or forties and fifties, like herself, who had raised their families and were looking for a new lease on life. The transition to Medical Aesthetics was a natural one for this mother of two adult children to make.

Kelley Wright has always embraced youth, as is demonstrated by her active lifestyle as a competitive body builder with the Canadian Physique Alliance.  Aging positively in all aspects of health, including aesthetics, is a passion for her, and she is excited to show her patients how cosmetic restoration of a youthful appearance can enhance their lives.